Domingo de rumbitas! 🎉


No esperaba tanta nieve subir, no conseguí acabar la ruta.

Cerro Polloihue Parque Futangue Lago Ranco, Chile

Sur de Chile estrellado 😍

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giuseppe shared 3 months ago game assets are so cute. Using them to catch up on some Godot game dev :)

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I've changed from mac to a Thinkpad and I've been missing being able to send links from iOS to the desktop to continue reading! Little did I know has KDEConnect which enables most of these nice integration between phone and desktop, like send files and share clipboard, and many more 🤍

KDE Connect KDE Connect
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I've discovered, I can configure Safari iOS to open links directly in Reader mode, and there will be no going back. No ads, no cookie popup, no nothing. Except for the cute personal websites. I'll deactivate it for those 😻

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Another google service bites the dust. This time is taking a website close to me, so I had to create a static clone not to lose it. Google's solution is to create a new website in another 3rd party app. What kind of alternative is that. I made a quick post about it.

giuseppe shared 3 months ago la analogía de la web personal como huertos digitales resuena mucho conmigo. Activar un nodo de en mi dominio tiene esa dificultad propia de lo manual, que no es lo más eficiente pero sí más satisfactorio. Estupendo artículo.

ya puede uno marcar su contenido como no generado por AI. Un pasito más cerca de Terminator

hello fediverse!:goose_honk: